Your Best New Customers Are The One's You Already Have-Our Service Will Have Your Current Customers Visiting And Referring You More Often-100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back.

The Problem = Your Current Customers Use Their Mobile Phones To Do Everything And You Need To Be Able To Get Messages To Them That Ask For More Repeat Visits And More Referrals. So How Will You Reach Them?

The Solution = Send Messages That Go Straight To Everyone's Mobile Phones-Send Messages That Get Read-That Create Action. So How Will You Send These Messages?

The Answer = Our Hands Free Mobile VIP Club Service

The Opportunity = Having A Long-Term Competitive Advantage Vs. Your Competition

Why Your Business Needs To Use Mobile Phone Messaging

The National Restaurant Association And How Mobile Phone Messaging Can Increase Your Sales

Mobile VIP Club Example

Restaurants Using Mobile Phone Messaging Success Stories

How To Drive More Visits To Your Business Using Mobile Phone Messaging

Forbes On Why Consumers Want To Receive Mobile Phone Messages From You

30 Business Mobile Phone Messaging Case Studies

What Do You Get When You Use Our Hands Free Mobile VIP Club Service?

Please Review Our Competitors Do All The-Work Yourself And Hands Free Prices!

Trumpia = $1140 A Year Do It YourSelf

Tatango = $1188 A Year Do It Yourself

Our Hands Free Service Fee = Only $99 A Year And Just .02 Cents Per Message

Pay As You Go And Only For The Exact Amount Of Messages You Send-Cancel Anytime

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee = If Your Business Does Not Earn More In New Revenue-Than Our Service Fee-We Will Refund You 100% Of Our Service Fee. With The Results 100% Guaranteed- There Is Just No Reason Not Use Our Service!

We Can Only Work With The "Best Of The Best" Clients Per Each Exclusive Zone. To Find Out If Your Business Qualifies To Use Our Service-Please Contact Us Right Away.



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