Hello local business owners, will you be the ONE?

Get Everyone Who Lives In Southern Highlands To Think Of You First Vs. Your Competition!

Whatever you are doing to recruit new customers now, whatever you have tried in the past, you have never utilized our special local directories before!

With our special local directories, your business will be the only ONE that everyone who lives inside Southern Highlands [89141] will think of!

Questions And Answers =

The What = we will deliver special local directories that are the printed version of being on page one of Google! Our special local directories are 9 x 12 inch large postcards, full color both sides and printed on heavy [14 pt] paper stock. Each special local directory comes with an ultra violet coating for durability. With our special local directories, there is no envelope that needs to be opened, no slips to be sorted through or multiple pages that have to be read.

The Who = each special local directory will have an exclusive message from your business and our other local business partners [just eight on each side]. Yours will be the ONLY business of its kind on our special local directories! The only ONE!

The How Many = we will deliver ten thousand special local directories that will be held onto, shared and repeatedly viewed.

The Where = the special local directories will be delivered to homes and businesses within Southern Highlands [89141].

The When = the special local directories will be delivered beginning January 15th.

The Why = the only messages that matter, the only messages that always get seen, the only messages that are remembered are first page-exclusive messages. Anything else and your are "hoping" someone sees your message. With our special local directories, you will stop "hoping" and will become the ONLY version of your business that people who live in Southern Highlands [89141] will know!

The How Much = we will design, print and deliver ten thousand special local directories [each with your exclusive message] for the wholesale price of just 4 cents each [$400].

The Deferred Payment Option = when you use Paypal Credit, you can defer your special local directory investment for up to 180 days [oac/same as cash]. You can enjoy all the new customers that our special local directories will bring to your business and then use some of that new revenue to pay for it later. As much as 180 days later!

Can you hire someone who's sole purpose is to bring in new customers for you, have them work for 360 days straight and then pay them just $400? The answer = my team and I will for your business!

Do you want to enjoy all the new money that our special local directories will bring to your business or would you prefer all that new money went to your competition instead? The answer = you want it all!

To reserve your exclusive space, to lock out your competition and to get more customers, simply contact me today.

Schaeon [shawn] Warren
Schaeon, Inc.
U.S. Army Gulf War Veteran


Email: schaeon@schaeon.com

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